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Kebab Service

With our range of crafted menus, we have food to please all

Kebab Service

There’s Nothing Better During The Perfect Party

Hiring our Pop-up kebab service is a brilliant alternative to a BBQ and adds a difference to any event.

Why not try our kebabs with a bit of TASTY added flavour?

Will have Your guests will have their mouths watering as they stand in line.

There Are Numerous Choices:

Donor Kebab / Chicken Kebab/ Lamb Kebab / Lamb Shish / Chicken Shish / Kofte Kebab, Also Burgers served with salad,

Chilli Sauce / Ketchup / Mint Yogurt / Greek Style Yogurt / Yogurt Garlic Sauce / Garlic May-O

(All our food is cooked freshly on site of the event)

Our Kebab service is available for all types of events.

Kebab Menu


Topped with salad & Sauce of your choice

Veggie Wrap (V)
Halloumi Wrap (V)
Falafel Wrap (V)
Chicken Tikka Wrap
Grilled Paneer Wrap
Donner Kebab Wrap
Chicken Fillet Wrap
Chicken & Donner Wrap
Lamb Shish
Chicken Shish
Mix Meat Wrap - Shish Kebab, Donner Kebab & Chicken
Kofte (Beef, Chicken or Lamb)


Lamb Donna
Chicken Donna
Mixed Donna
Lamb Shish
Chicken Shish
Mixed Shish
Kofte (Beef, Chicken or Lamb)


The Classic Cheeseburger - Ketchup, Lettuce, Onions & 100% Beef Burger
Grilled Double Decker Burger - 2 x 100% Beef Burger & Double Cheese
Hot & Spicy Chicken Fillet Burger 🌶️ - Crispy Chicken Fillet
Veggie Burger (V) - The Veggie Patty is made with Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Peas & Broccoli
Halloumi Burger (V) - Grilled Slice of Halloumi
Hot & Spicy Paneer Burger - Coated with our own Special Ingredients
Chicken Tikka Burger - Chicken Tikka Meat
Chicken Burger - Lettuce & Mayo
Chicken Fillet Burger
Donner Kebab Burger - Donner Kebab


Peri Peri Chicken - Chicken Drumsticks or Chicken Fillets
Peri-Peri Burger
Peri-Peri Wrap
Peri-Peri Pitta
Peri-Peri Naan
Peri-Peri Wings


Fries or With Cheese
Potato Wedges
Chilli Cheese Nuggets
Battered Mushrooms
Garlic Bread or With Cheese
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Strips
Popcorn Chicken
Corn on the Cob