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Jacket Potatoes Service

With our range of crafted menus, we have food to please all


What can be more warming and delicious than one of our traditionally cooked baked potatoes served fresh from the oven.

Then simply tell us what fillings you would want from our list of hot and cold fillings and enjoy – and yes, you really can have as many fillings as you want!

With our baked potato Gazebo available for hire, you can enjoy the freshest and finest ingredients, leaving your event, wedding or even corporate guests satisfied!

Our Baked potato Gazebo hire is the easiest and healthiest way for you and your guests to dine. Offering a wide array of cold or piping hot fillings to tantalise taste buds will amaze your guests that something so tasty is filled with nutrition.

Apart from the rest, our catering service is the health benefits and the exquisite chef-created fillings, meaning your guests know every effort has gone into ensuring their baked potato is the best it can be!

There will be a baked potato filling for all your guests, from traditional favourites like baked beans and cheddar cheese to delicious twists like our smoked BBQ Sausage with onions

The Gazebo we use is 3ft by 3t wide, with an oven that can perfectly cook hundreds of potatoes each hour.

We can guarantee those fluffy white potatoes topped with a helping of lightly salted butter,

We’re experienced and prepared, so your guests will never have to wait long for their meal.

Can’t see your favourite filling on our menu? Not a problem! Let us know what you require, and our expert chef will make it happen for you.

We offer three types of service for your baked potato catering to ensure your needs for your event are met

*Counter service from the baked potato unit

*Fully staffed hot buffet service inside your venue

*Self-service hot buffet style

Some of our Jacket Potatoes Fillings

Chili Con Carne

Tuna Mayonnaise

Grated Cheese

Veggie Chilli Con Carne

Baked Beans & Cheese

Prawn Cocktail